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Cunard Line Sailing Performance Analysis 2012-2013

The Best Cruise Line's analysis of Cunard Line includes cruise ships listed below, which sailed in and out of an U.S. port between January 1, 2012 and April 12, 2013. Cunard Line ranked #15 overall out of the 25 best cruise lines included in the study.

Sailing Performance Summary

This section reports compliance with SOLAS regulations, USCG inspection results, deficiencies, violations, warnings and incidents. The cruise line accumulates results from all their cruise ships included in the study.. Cunard Line ranked #9 of the 25 cruise lines included in this study for SOLAS USCG inspections.

The maximum SOLAS score is 400 points.  Awarding 100 maximum points in each of the four study areas from SOLAS evaluation and compliance reports.

USCG warnings (Warn.)
USCG  Violations (Violate)
USCG  Deficiencies  (Def.)
USCG incidents (Incidents)

Evaluation priorities are listed left to right, based on importance with Warnings being most important and Incidents being least important. More information on how we score the SOLAS compliance inspections click here
Section B: CDC OR - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - outbreak reports for epidemics. The high score is 100, for no outbreaks. The percentage of passengers who were sick is added to the percentage of crew who were sick. That total percentage is deducted from 100 for a final point score. Cunard Line had one outbreak epidemic within the three cruise ships which sailed into U.S. ports. Passenger and crew percentages combined to equal 9.08%. The passenger outbreak as a percentage was higher than we like to see and the crew percentage was over one percent. Typically, we like to see the crew limiting outbreaks within their own numbers at or below half a percent, as they increase their own personal hygiene and ship sanitation practices.  The 90.92 points Queen Mary 2 got indicate the outbreak wasn't really too far outside the norm. The full description for this area of the study is here.
The Best Cruise Line
Cunard Cruise Sailing Performance Analysis
Section C: CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Sanitation Inspections - Scores and Violation  reports. Below, we have three areas of comparison, The cruise line infraction average for all their ships (L Infra Avg S),  the cruise line score average for all their cruise ships (L Score Avg S) and cruise  ships point average (S Pts Avg). The full description for this area of the study is here
Section D:  BBB - Better Business Bureau rating and complaint resolution. Cunard Line ranked #13 for their BBB record. Cunard only had one complaint, but failure to properly resolve the issue, resulted in a loss of 160 points.   A full description of the BBB criteria we used for the study is here
Section E: WEB - web site usability. . The criteria for this area of the study covers ten areas for ten points each. Full English Version = FE, Online Reservations = OR, Deck Plans = DP, Online Check-in = OC, Live Support = LS, Ticket Contract = TC, Free 60 Day Cancellation = FC, Site Map = SM, Extensive FAQ = EF, Full Contact Information = CI. The Cunard Line web site ranks #3 with a very respectable site.  The position earned them 70 points out of the 100 points available. The full description of these criteria is here
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